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Disk with reported uncorrect errors

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Hi all,


I ran into an issue the other week where my server was under heavy load, and suddenly started reporting current pending sector and offline uncorrectable errors on a disk. I replaced the disk with a new one, which rebuilt fine, and mounted the problematic disk as unassigned to run some diagnostics on it. After running a preclear, both the pending sector and offline uncorrectable errors disappeared, to be replaced with 7 "reported uncorrect" errors. I can't seem to clear these, despite having run multiple pre-clear cycles on the disk. SMART diagnostics for this disk (run after the pending sectors & offline uncorrectables disappeared) are attached. Is this drive safe to use at this point? I've pre-cleared it 3 times since the error event, and the reported uncorrect values are not increasing, but I was kind of expecting some values to appear in the reallocated sector count of the SMART details after running a preclear. I've had the drive plugged in for a week now and have been randomly writing stuff to it without issue.




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