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Shutdown, now networking doesn't work (logs)

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So I shutdown my server last night from my phone and after a couple minutes I noticed it was still up. Web GUI appeared to still be up, hit shutdown again and it shut off very quickly after. Turned it on today and now it looks like networking doesn't work at all. Used a linux live usb just to confirm the 10gbe NIC, switch, and opnsense weren't the issue, could ping google from the machine so all good there.

Can't ping the machine (after confirming Unraid did boot up properly to the console login prompt), logged into Unraid from the console and couldn't ping anything local or remote. Made a backup and delete network.cfg. I have a 10gig card so I plugged the motherboard ethernet back in. DHCP assigned it a new IP and I could get to the web UI finally, went to set a static IP and after 10 minutes it wasn't reachable at either the old or new IP (1gbe and 10gbe were both plugged in). I believe it was trying to bond both connections and hung there? I'm not too smart when it comes to bonded connections but it was never an issue in the past, I would disconnect the 1gbe once everything was working properly, so that everything used the 10gbe NIC.

Thank you so much for your time looking at my logs!
(I think these logs were specifically made before I ever plugged in the 1gbe or deleting network.cfg)


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So I just started up Unraid with my old network.cfg, 10gbe and 1gbe both plugged in. Network settings said eth1 was down, I swapped my SFP+ from the first port to the second (I've literally never used the second port on that NIC before), unplugged the 1gbe and.... everything works. 10gbe connection is fine and shows up in Unraid.

Soooo... maybe port 1 is just bad now? But that also makes no sense considering the linux live ISO I booted to just worked right off the bat.

But at least everything's working again I guess.

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