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Unraid Can't Connect After Upgrade 6.10.3 -> 6.12.1

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Hi all,


Just started learning how to set up Unraid and I'm excited to get into it. However, I'm having an issue where my system (with an Ethernet module w/ Realtek 8111 chipset) can't connect to my router unless I downgrade all the way back to 6.10.3. On 6.10.3 it seems to work flawlessly, but I'd like to avoid using an older version if I can. Attached is the diagnostic file.


I've read that Realtek modules are kind of tricky with Unraid.



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12 hours ago, JorgeB said:

NIC is not detecting a link, if you go back to an earlier release and it works without changing anything else it suggests a driver issue.

Which lines up with something I read about Realtek drivers always kind of being behind whatever the current Linux kernel version is. Unless there's some community driver out there, I guess my only choices are to either stick with an older version of Unraid, or find a NIC with something like an Intel chipset (and I assume Intel is more timely with Linux driver releases).

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