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can't reconize by unraid my zfs pool

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I can't reconfigure my zfs unraid 6.12 pool.

Before (6.11) with the zfs plugin all my pools were unraid and everything worked fine.

Now if I restart unraid
I have to do :
zfs import pool
zfs mount -a
restart Virtual VM & Docker (the libraries are on the ZFS Raid) via the interface (if you have the command line, I'd love to)

etc... it's not very good if a raid restarts by accident...

I tried creating a pool and adding 8 disks, plus one disk for cache) but nothing...

I tested with zfs export but nothing either...

I don't know if you have a step-by-step tutorial or an idea, but I'm interested.


all my disks are in unassigned with mount and zfs file...



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Pool should be importable if you do this:


- First export the pool:

zpool export data

- Create a new Unraid pool with 10 slots

- Don't change the pool filesystem setting, leave in auto

- Assign all 10 pool members, 8 disk raidz + logs + cache vdevs

- Start array, if it doesn't import post new diags.


Also note that the pool has errors:


status: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data
    corruption.  Applications may be affected.
action: Restore the file in question if possible.  Otherwise restore the
    entire pool from backup.


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