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Unmountable. Unsupported or No File System -- BTFS encrypted

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I have looked at other threads with this challenge and found the link to the official documentation on this issue, but it does not seem to apply with either my situation or maybe how I have configured.  For it says to click on the drive, go down to "Check Filesystem Status" and check check and possibly some additional settings, but my Check button is grayed out.  At the some it does say BTFS - encrypted, so it apparently sees something referencing the File System.  Or the other posts were dealing with XFS and I am using BTFS encrypted.


This is my first unRaid build, so after official documentation directions were not able to help, can anyone here share what I should do?  


I have attached screenshots of my some of what I thought were important settings to see and my diagnostics.




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Jun 26 11:23:55 Hobbes kernel: BTRFS error (device dm-1): bad tree block start, mirror 1 want 12706866380800 have 2931443156757692138
Jun 26 11:23:55 Hobbes kernel: BTRFS error (device dm-1): bad tree block start, mirror 2 want 12706866380800 have 16481756114209620634

Both metadata copies are corrupted differently, this suggests to me some hardware/firmware issue, you can try the recovery options here.

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