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One day I'd like to be able to set up MC properly, but even using the barebones MC in a console window works very well for me. I've tried and still use Krusader occasionally but it just acts weirdly sometimes.


Recently I was trying to delete some files, but Krusader just didn't. No error message or anything. As usual as a Linux amateur, I thought it was possibly a permissions problem, although I think it deleted other files in the folder which should have had the same permissions. Then I went into Dynamix File Manager and deleted the files with no problem at all. Maybe there was a trash bin space problem in Krusader? But even so, there should have been a notification. (I use the binhex-Krusader docker container.)


What I'd like to be able to do in MC is set up the starting panels to some other configuration than the default. Also, the folder/file size numbers are just weird. I read about some way of making it more humanly readable, but again can't get that to stick for when I run MC the next time. Just can't find documentation about MC at the right level for me.


If I was forced to use only one, I would go for MC - quirky but works more reliably.


I also use WinSCP from my Windows PC. It's great for getting a GUI into the unRAID array and easily changing permissions and viewing text files. Great for people like me who are not into "chmod 777" type commands. Can also move/copy files from PC to array - it's like a fancy FTP client. What it doesn't do is move/copy files within the array (afaik - if I'm wrong please do tell me how - would make it incredibly useful). 

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