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Read Errors Found On Parity Build -- How to Proceed?

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Hello everyone. I recently added a second parity to my setup and Unraid found 572 read errors. I believe these were written to the parity based on the check box on the main screen. Is this is true, or is that just for when you click the check parity button? How can I determine what it did with the read errors and what is best practice?

I then ran an extended smart test on the drive which says it completed without errors in the test history. However, I also see some errors when I check the "SMART error log" that appear to have occurred during a smart self scan around the same time. How can I tell if the errors are from the extended self test, and what's going on here?

Final question, what is the best practice for when to replace a drive? Currently, I watch the Reallocated Sector and Event Counts, and the Current Pending Sector count. I also use scrutiny to visualize all the stats quickly, but I'm not sure if this is automatically updated or if I need to scan periodically. In the past, I've found scrutiny to show outdated stats compared to Unraid, so I'd be interested to hear y'alls take on this as well.

I've attached my diagnostics file below for your reference, but let me know if there's anything else I can add as well. Thanks for reading. Cheers.


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