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Weird Unraid issues.

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My unraid server lost power two times consecutively the other night... and I've have some performance issues since then.. Slow access, etc. I noticed the system was cycling between trying to run parity check and run mover over and over.


I disabled mover, ran parity check, took the array offiline then ran btrfs --readonly on one of the cache drives.. (/dev/sde) it reported multiple btrfs errors, so I had to run --repait as well. I smart checked the drive and it seems fine, but I'm seeing alot of IO errors in the syslog it looks like.

Mover runs now and doesn't pause, but it doesn't seem to ever complete and I stop seeing it in the logs after a point in time. I'm not sure if the files that were on that cache drive seem to have issues, I can't tell if it's just file level corruption for those files or if the drive is failing, so I thought I'd get some other eyes on it for opinions, below is some of the log weirdness, That's not filtered on my part.:


Jul  1 10:32:57 deathstar  move: file: //..g/...
Jul  1 10:32:57 deathstar  move: move_object: //..g/... File exists
Jul  1 10:32:58 deathstar  move: skip: /mnt/cache/postgres/global/1262
Jul  1 10:32:59 deathstar  move: skip: /mnt/cache/postgres/global/6100
Jul  1 10:33:00 deathstar  move: file: //..t/...
Jul  1 10:33:03 deathstar  emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdu
Jul  1 10:33:03 deathstar  move: file: //..d/...
Jul  1 10:33:04 deathstar  move: file: //..0/...
Jul  1 10:33:05 deathstar  move: file: //..t/...
Jul  1 10:33:05 deathstar  move: file: //..k/...
Jul  1 10:33:06 deathstar  move: file: //..f/...
Jul  1 10:33:06 deathstar  move: skip: /mnt/unprotectedcache/ebooks/.config/openbox/autostart
Jul  1 10:33:06 deathstar root: Specified filename //..e/... does not exist.
Jul  1 10:33:06 deathstar  move: file: //..e/...
Jul  1 10:33:06 deathstar  move: move_object: //..e/... No such file or directory


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