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Powerplugs may not be the answer...

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I bought 2x TP-link powerplugs to network my unraid server. However I tested the plugs today with SMB over windows 7 and got 1mb/s.


Is it fair enough for me to presume these plugs will not be good enough to provide my server with what it needs to server HD media? Right now its connected via ethernet and its workd very well. I think this may be the only solution.

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Even if you mean 1 MB/s, that's only 8 mbit/sec. HD BluRays can be in the range of upto 40-50 mbit/sec for video alone and then 1.5mbit/sec for the audio portion. Most re-encoded 1080p x264 rips of BluRays are at least 12mbit/sec for the video portion only and can be in the range of 0.64 - 1.5mbit/sec for the audio portion. Even 720p re-encoded x264 rips would be above the threshold of 8mbit/sec for video and audio combined.


I would return them and look for something else.

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Specifically which TP Link model did you get ? The original spec 85Mbps would not be fast enough but Powerline AV200 (200Mbps) should be unless you have problematic electrical wiring. I have used them (link below) with successful 720p/1080i streaming in two different installations.




Even better would be one of the latest generation AV500 products.




Not sure if TP Link makes those. Other good info on AV200 and Powerline networking is available at the Small Net Builder site.

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