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[Solved] CRC Errors with Teracopy, Memtest 86 errors.


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I was getting CRC errors when transferring large files in teracopy, after much frustration since I just built the machine I started a memtest86 and was getting errors on test 5 and test 5 only, I've removed 1 of the sticks and test 5 passed just fine with the single stick in the machine, the then swapped the two sticks to test the other one and it also passed test 5 when it's in the first socket.


I then tried both sticks in the socket I initially removed a stick from to see if that was it and they both passed test 5 in that socket.


I let each test run through 2 pass cycles, so then I put both sticks back in their original locations.  And let it go through 10 cycles of the 5th test, and one full cycle of all tests and now I'm not getting any errors anymore.


So would the prevailing theory on this one be that I was just a lamer and didn't seat one of the dimms very good the first time around and randomly picked it as the one to remove first?  Should I let memtest run for a solid 12-24 hours maybe before I start copying files, I'm somewhat wary to skip to copying and relying on teracopy to find any errors at this point though I am hoping to get this system in place sooner rather than later.  After 24 hours of preclearing, 10 hours of the initial party sync I'm anxious to get the ball rolling, but data integrity has to come first of course.



Brian S.

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Rather than run memtest first (I know I know) I decided to just finish copying over the first set of data, teracopy was catching any errors before and since the array was basically brand new if it was still problematic I could just wipe it out and start over after the memtests.  End result is I copied over 1.15 TB consisting of 2670 files and so far the test phase of teracopy hasn't found one error in the first 2100 copied over.  Definitely looks like I had a badly seated dimm.


I'm still going to fire up memtest after everything is copied over, just to be on the safe side.



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