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Will this card fit my mobo?


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Thanks for your replies. I will make sure I can utilize cards other than video cards in that slot. One other question. Speed is important to me and I would like a card on the faster side. Would you still recommend this card?


Technically. it is close to obsolete, but not quite yet.


For unraid, it has a lot of life left in it still...


this card still does the job quite well, it is easy to purchase.

It is a workhorse that will still be used for years to come.

It should still perform at maximum speed with up to 6 modern drives on it. 7 and 8 feel a tad slower. not that much slower, just a little. it would only effect parity checks. not day to day use. Because of that. it is quite fine to use.


This card is SAS1 PCI V1 4x. There are several SAS2 V2 8x cards available.


From my other post earlier,


Yes, there are a few Sata3 HBA's at this point. there is a AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 that seems to be special order only at this point (new card). Several people are running LSI SAS2 cards with reflashed firmware.

One the cheapest ways to get one is to pick up a re-branded LSI card on ebay. The common one being the IBM M1015. those can be found for around $80 if you are patient. I have two of those myself.

Another Cheap LSI based SAS2 is the Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i. It needs a minor modification to fit into a normal PCIe slot. (the bracket is mounted backwards and needs some nylon washers and new screws from a hardware store to use the exiting bracket or possibly just a new bracket)

the not so fun part is reflashing the LSI cards into IT mode if you're a noob at things like that.




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