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Data copied to unRAID through rsync daemon not registered on Web GUI

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Hi there, I have already posted this on the end of the thread where I got the info, but this seems like a separate issue.


I am running unRAID 5.0b11 for the AFP support. I use rsync to replicate the media library from the HTPC to the unRAID backup server. I was doing it over the AFP share, but the speed wasn't fantastic. I tried doing it over an rsync daemon as suggested here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=13432.msg127670#msg127670.


I modified it slightly to use the usershares because I have more media that a single drive can hold, so I have the rsync damon running on /mnt/user and I can rsync to rsync://Tower/UserShares/Media-Backup. This works great, the speed is fantastic (50+ MB/sec), I don't have to mount the network shares, and the data is appearing in the usershares when I check the share from my desktop.


The only issue is the web gui doesn't seem to register the data. When I move 10 gigs of data on the an empty drive the web gui shows the drive is still empt, however when I manually delete the data and rsync to the AFP network share the web gui shows a up-to-date usage of disk space as the data moves over. I assume this is because the web gui collects its info from the AFP daemon, and not the rsync daemon, but is this data being properly stored on the array?


Basically.. I'm hoping for some guidance on these questions:


1. Is this a bug and should I report is at such?

2. What steps can I take to help solve it?

3. Is my data properly protected on the array and how can I verify this? Is seeing it on the share and having a clean parity check enough?

4. Is this causing problems that may pop up later? Should I stop using the rsync daemon?







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What do you consider accurate usage through AFP?


And how do you know that unraid is reporting it as "empty"?

Is it possible that 10GB is not enough to cause a blip? Maybe you need 20 or 30GB to transfer.


It's not checking AFP or SMB usage because I have transferred files from a USB HDD attached to my unraid without any problems.

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Thanks for the responses guys.. but i'm pretty sure this is an issue... - Here's what I did to reproduce it.


User share set up with 2 disks included, a 2tb and a 1tb with High-water allocation.... so my understanding its that the first TB of data should show up on the 2tb drive.


Set up the the rsync daemon to share the /mnt/user/share-name folder.


Rsync 10 gigs of data to the folder through the daemon...


On the webgui, the share settings still say empty: yes and the main page shows both drives with no data on them and the share shows 3tb free


rsync 10 more gigs of data through an AFP access to the share


On the webgui, the share settings says empty: no, and the main page shows 10.1 gb of data and the share page shows 2.98


I upgraded to the newest beta on the weekend.. so I'll try it again tonight and see if I can reproduce the problem.





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Turned out to be a user account issue.. the rsync daemon was putting the files on the drive without read permissions for anyone else but the owner, so the webgui couldn't read them. Changed the permissions to the default and the webgui updated immediately.


Now I just need to figure out where those funky permission are being set. The AFP daemon is setting rw-rw-r-- and the rsync daemon is setting rw------- for the same client side rsync command... anyone have any idea where i should look for this???


Cheers and thanks for the tips - at least I've found the cause.



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