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  1. No GPU - all CPU transcoding here. I got called back to work (I work away) before this crash happened again, so I ended up downgrading to avoid an angry wife. I also found a few other issues with 6.8.0 that I didn't really notice until they were gone after the downgrade: I was getting random "The server is no longer available" errors on my Mac (10.15.2) for my connected network drives. The drive would usually work without issues, but something was trigger the disconnection. My TimeMachine backup would hang on "looking for backup disk" and not back up some times... but it would work just fine after I cancelled and manually tried to backup (probably the same issue as above). Logging into the webUI on an iPad would go to a blank page about half the time. A refresh would fix it, but something odd there. Anyway, life continues perfectly on 6.7.2, will try the .1 when its out. whiteatom
  2. Hi all, My system has been locking up about once a week since I updated to newest just before Christmas. Running 6.8.0 with dockers for Plex, Sab, Radarr, Sonarr. When it goes, it's completely locked up - the network stops responding and the terminal/IPMI is unresponsive - a hard power down/reboot is required. My first sign is usually Plex stream breaking or my ATV saying the Plex server is unavailable. My system was running for 200 days before that without issues on the previous version of UnRaid, so it appears to be 6.8.0 specific. I just enabled the saving of the syslog to my flash, so I don't have a log yet, but I'll get one next time it happens. I have checked the weekly cron (most obvious thing in my mind), but there's only a script to scp some files from another server, and that's scheduled for the first day of the week and my most recent crash was last night. Obviously I have to wait for it to happen again before I can get a syslog, but does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could be looking at? Cheers, whiteatom
  3. I still this issues is still not fixed.. Just got a great deal on an MX500 that i'm using for Plex under UA and I open the unRaid UI to about 20 notices from this drive every time. Looking for the uncheck of smart attributes now.
  4. Ok.. I unassigned and assigned a few times then reboot without any change. However, I unassigned, rebooted and then reassigned and it seems to work now. I guess I didn't try that combination before, so it's all working now. Thanks!
  5. Will do when I get home again. Cache2 says "drive is part of a cache pool" where it should show the drive capacity/usage on the Main screen. What would cause it to show that if it's not assigned?
  6. Attached - thanks. knox-diagnostics-20190902-1242.zip
  7. I decided to take the jump and move to a cache pool with 2x SSDs. I am interested in performance, so I want to put the pool in Raid-0 mode - however, I can't get it to Raid at all. Both disks are formatted btrfs, and the Main screen shows cache 2 as "part of a cache pool", however, it doesn't seem like the drives are pooling properly. I have tried running balance with all combinations of -dconvert and -mconvert to try to create a raid-1 or raid-0 pool, but it does nothing. I have rebooted a few times and stopped the array, reformatted the disks/reassigned and started 4 or 5 times now but it always goes to 'single' mode. Here's the status: btrfs filesystem df: Data, single: total=1.00GiB, used=512.00KiB System, single: total=4.00MiB, used=16.00KiB Metadata, single: total=1.01GiB, used=112.00KiB GlobalReserve, single: total=16.00MiB, used=0.00B btrfs balance status: No balance found on '/mnt/cache' btrfs filesystem show: Label: none uuid: 0ce58b4f-32f6-498a-8a12-69520dd7df0e Total devices 1 FS bytes used 640.00KiB devid 1 size 223.57GiB used 2.01GiB path /dev/sdm1 Label: none uuid: 9c56e398-7850-43fb-8b49-33ddd2a47ab7 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 2.48GiB devid 1 size 15.00GiB used 6.02GiB path /dev/loop2 Label: none uuid: fd17d78f-f3ed-49a7-b75f-3cbfcea2b3d4 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 292.00KiB devid 1 size 32.00GiB used 536.00MiB path /dev/loop3 Label: none uuid: 29297bfe-a789-46f8-9020-724cc95e40c6 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 128.00KiB devid 1 size 223.57GiB used 20.00MiB path /dev/sdn1 From what I see online, this last command should list 2 devices under one uuid, but mine is not. I've searched the forums a bit, but everything assumes the pool is in raid-1 mode to start - which mine is not. UnRAID: 6.7.2; basic dockers (plex, sabnzbd, radarr/sonarr) Cache is empty (backed up elsewhere while I try to get this going). Can anyone point me in the right direction to create a Raid-0 cachepool? Thank-you!
  8. Logging errors sorted it out for me. I renamed my "custom" folder, so this was a PEBKAC. Thank-you all!
  9. Roger - file below. As long as the go file is still relevant, I can continue troubleshooting, but any input would be appreciated. #!/bin/bash # Start the Management Utility cp -ar /boot/custom/ssh_keys/.ssh /root/ chmod -R 700 /root/.ssh chmod 600 /root/.ssh/id_rsa cp /boot/custom/backup.sh /etc/cron.daily/ /usr/local/sbin/emhttp &
  10. Hi all, I'm on 6.7.0 now and all seems to be well except the config/go file isn't being read - or the commands aren't being run. I have my go file set to copy my SSH keys in place and to copy a backup script to /etc/cron.daily, however, neither of these are being done on reboot. Is the go file still used for 6.7? is there a different file I should be using? Thanks as always! whiteatom
  11. How is an unRaid share exposed to MacOS? I have my iTunes library on the host array, and I know I can share it over the network, but i figured it might be more reliable over through a VM mount. I configured the following in the VM XML. <filesystem type='mount' accessmode='passthrough'> <source dir='/mnt/user/iTunes Library/'/> <target dir='iTunes Library'/> <alias name='fs0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </filesystem> And I expected this to be mounted as a drive called "iTunes Library" or appear in /Volumes or at least appear in /dev as "fs0", but nothing! What am I missing?
  12. No.. I found the CA plugin to be a total mess, so I gave up on it. That was a few years ago, so maybe i'll give it another try. I don't really see an issue with the user/share version of the files being hidden as you state. The cache version is the "live" version so that's they one we want - the other copy is just for redundancy.
  13. I would like to see a "back-up" option added to the "use cache disk" option in the Share form. The behaviour would be to leave the data on the cache (like the "only" option) except the mover script would copy the data to the array when it runs. My use case is my app data share for all my dockers. It's cache only now and working great, but I want it backed up to the array (so the pref files are on protected storage). When I asked about doing this, I was told to set up an rsycn cron job; but why does unRAID support moving through the webUI, but not copying? Thoughts?
  14. Safari saves the user/pass for the HTTP basic auth.... but then I can't use the web console. So this would be great for Chrome! +1
  15. Roger.. for futre searchers.. UnRAID downgrade... 1) telent/SSH into your box 2) cp /boot/previous/bz* /boot/ 3) reboot Thanks for your help.