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  1. Welp, I feel stupid now. I may or may not have totally overlooked that toggle, but that did the trick thanks!
  2. I'm having the issue that despite my unraid network settings being configured to IPv4 only, every docker container with openvpn still tries to use IPv6, even when I configure "proto udp4" in the config. So now I want to add --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0 to my "docker run" command to force it to disable IPv6. I just can't figure out where I can configure this, as there's seemingly no option for it. And if I try to insert it in a hackish way it just escapes my comma's, so that won't work either..
  3. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    "*" is a placeholder value, not a live value. and those SMART values aren't live values because the drive doesn't spin up when I access them.
  4. xorinzor

    [Solved] Unable to write to specific directory

    Turns out that the "Series" directory on the Unraid server somehow was configured as root:root, after reconfiguring as media:users everything works fine again
  5. I have a "Media" share, configured with: exported: Yes (hidden) Security: Private And additionally, my user has "read/write" access configured. Now, in this share I have multiple directories, such as: Movies, Series, Recordings, etc. I can create a directory or file just fine in every directory except for the "Series" directory (even creating files in the "Series" sub-directories works). This despite "ls -lsa" outputting the exact same permissions (drwxrwxr-x) and my user & group for this directory (and it's sub-directories). Is there something in Unraid that could cause this? I tried searching around for a setting that might be applicable to separate directories, but have been unable to find anything. All I know is that only the "Series" directory is split between 2 disks in my array, whereas the other directories are on a single disk. (I am using a cache disk though). EDIT: Probably worth noting that even as the root user I get a permission denied error, so this is not related to how the share is mounted
  6. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    Whatever, I think you guys are just completely misunderstanding me. Honestly, what's the point of having a dashboard if it doesn't show known values. I'm going to stop trying to explain this now. It's pretty frustrating.
  8. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    Yes, but if I click on the disk it isn't showing the live values from S.M.A.R.T. is it? So if those values are stored / cached somewhere, then surely they can just be displayed in the dashboard semi-live without impacting the disk itself, this would fix the entire issue.
  9. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    In all honesty I don't get why you'd program the dashboard to work like that instead of just using the data it has, live. Additionally I don't get why the Spin up button would trigger a refresh, but the automatic spinning up of the drives wouldn't, but that relates back to the dashboard not using live values in that case. If it's not a bug I'll leave it, but I find it a very weird design choice. Maybe worth noting I'm not in the actual "dashboard" tab, but the "main" tab.
  10. xorinzor

    [6.5.3] - HDD temperatures not correctly updated

    But then why is it that I could read the temperature in the SMART values just fine but they weren't displayed in the dashboard until I pressed the "Spin up" button? I feel like there's still a trigger bug related to this.
  11. All of my drives were spun down, then I started a file transfer from a different computer via the SMB share to my unraid server array, but I noticed in the dashboards the temperatures were still displayed as "*" even though all drives were already spinning. I then proceeded to press the "Spin up" button, and after I did that the temperatures finally appeared and started updating as normal. Is it possible that the interface didn't correctly parse the drives spinning up and thus didn't bother checking the temperatures from the smart data? if I clicked on the disk I could read the temperature from the SMART data just fine, the dashboard just didn't update properly it seems.
  12. xorinzor

    SMART extended self-test failed

    Yeah I think something's wrong with the head, it was making a bit of a ticking noise which caught my attention originally and definitely isn't good. That said, I haven't heard it do so since, but haven't really been trying to use it anymore either. The quick SMART test passes, but the extended one just stops and fails after 20%. Already sent WD Support an email, drive is barely 3,5 years old, but of course no longer covered under warranty. Here's hoping they have a kind heart.
  13. xorinzor

    Send notification only on bad array health

    Good point, a daily email isn't going to do any harm. An email every hour would get tiring pretty quickly though, and I'd pay less and less attention to them. I just wasn't aware of the alerts being sent (still had to actually check the email checkbox myself for that to work though).
  14. While copying data from my original HDD to my array one of my HDD's reported read errors. After running an extended SMART self-test on the drive, it once again failed and in the report it tells me "the read element of the test failed". I'm pretty confident this means this drive is unstable to say the least, probably dying, but would like some confirmation on this before I ditch a drive that might have something else going on. SMART report.txt
  15. xorinzor

    Send notification only on bad array health

    Ah okay, that's good to know. Will these notifications also be sent via mail if SMTP is configured? Thanks!