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[PSU] ANTEC Basiq 350W --> Good Enough?


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Helo guys!

i have a quick one,,,,


My brother doesnt need his PSU anymore,

he's gonna give it to me for free of course :P


Even tho its an ANTEC Basiq 350W PSU that has two +12v rails (+12V1@10A, +12V2@13A)

Is it safe to use it for powering a 5 WD Green 5400rpm unRAID array!?


thanks :)

5 would be pushing it.  I would not put that many on the PSU.  If you can confirm which rail is for the motherboard and peripherals (hopefully the 13A one) then you may be able to get away with it... but that is still pushing it. You will likely be running the motherboard and all disks off of the one rail... better safe than sorry as far as I am concerned.

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