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Asus M4A785-M $59.33 - Free Shipping @electronics emporium


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Requires DDR2.  

Works well for my server with 2 JMB362 cards attached.



Edit: Everytime I like an electronics emporum link...it says "site down for maintenenance".  So...just select from the google shopping link. ???


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Even should they not be fly-by-nighters, having JCB cards as the sole payment option, raises more red flags for me than I'd be comfortable with.


"In an effort to keep our prices extremely low, Electronics Emporium exclusively processes JCB cards at preferred merchant rates. While this helps you to pay less money, it also means we are unable to accept other forms of payment."


Extremely suspect. The fact that the domain was created August 25, 2011, is another strike against it...


The fact that it's downright painful to navigate to anything on that site, is not suspect in and of itself...But is a huge strike against it from a usability standpoint.


I'd steer clear, folks.

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