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Sync Errors what the cause?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay took me a time had some really busy days.

So i exchanged all the Sata Cables at first. Run a first correcting Parity check that 1839 errors, did a second check (non correcting) some hours later that found 978 Errors:



So i dont think it was the cabling.

Next would be the controller i thing with the same procedure.

I also attached the diagnostics, so maybe someone with more experience than me could have a look at them and maybe find something obvious.


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Okay. I think the first and easiest thing now it to replaye the memory, althought Memtest found no error.

If that does not solve the problem i will replace the AAR1430 with an ECS06 Controller, hopefully that does not makes such problems like the last ASM1166 i tried couple of months ago.

If that does not help, yeah than i have to check every single disk.

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So its not the Ram and it is not the Parity Disk. I replaced it beacause i thought: The failures always appear around 95% (would be great if they would begin at 1% than i could save much time) maybe the failure is somewhere at the end of that disk if its checked sequentially.

Next will be the controller.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Okay the hunt goes on.

Yesterday i placed all the Hardware in a new case to get rid of the old drive cages and i had to replace the old parity drive because of a broken power connector.

Was working but to be sure.

Than i did a Parity Sync, which completed but with 2039 Read Errors on Disk 3.


If i replace the disk now with a new one and let it rebuild shouldnt there be faulty data on it in that case?


I mean it show the Parity as valid, which i quite dont understand if there are read errors while building the Parity.

Or does it mean that there read errors which could be resolved, by multiple readings etc?



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