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UnRAID 5.0-beta11 server going down every few days

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Hello, hoping someone can help me out. I bought the pro License and am loving UnRAID so far. Strange thing is my server seems to drop off the network every few days, normally when I'm copying large volumes of data to it. I can't connect to the console at all and the screen is back so I can't even get a syslog or screen shot of any error. I have to hard reset in order to get the server back up last time. I an running a 1gbit Realtek Adapter. I did see some reported issue with these cards. Otherwise the system is fairly OK, 6GB RAM with a Sempron 145 (soon to be replaced with a 25watt AMD Athlon II x2 270u) and a Biostar Motherboard.


Any chance UnRAID would have saved another copy of the syslog somewhere that I can post or is it all saved on the RAM drive.


Other alternative may be to move the official release 4.7? I run PS3media server, Serviio, Logmein Hamachi, Sickbeard, Sabnzbd and Couchpotato. So I suppose one of those could be at fault as well :-(


Will try get a screenshot posted if I can before I reset the server again, at work at the mo, so will have to wait till later.

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I have exactly the same problem - I'm on 5.0-beta12a.


Seems like it happens during the transfer of big files only (> 10GB?), also I have a feeling that the transfer of a file slows down dramatically after 50 - 60 % of a move or copy process.


(Supermicro C2SEA, 2.59GHz Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1000Mb/s Full Duplex)

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