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Newegg has this one in an open box for 105. I was hoping people here could tell me their stories with buying open box stuff at newegg. Is it usually good stuff, or is it not worth the risk.


I have bought a quite a few things open box from them.  Most of the time I have gotten them with minimal extras (for a motherboard that might be the backplate thing), I have only ever had one item that did not work for me out of the 20ish open box items I have had.

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I saw that mobo yesterday and thought"do i need that?" i said no..


To answer the warranty question.


The last time I tried to use Supermicro Warranty was about 2 years ago.

It was the manufacture date they go by, regardless that I had a receipt for a new product. (I believe that purchase was from CDW)


I got a motherboard that had been in the vendors warehouse for over 2 years. after 2 months the onboard NIC died.

I tried to get the board replaced but the warranty had expired before i bought it.


after quite a bit of bitching, I got a refund from the vendor. whom did not want to get stuck with it either. This was for a fortune 500 company, not a personal purchase. I hope they have changed the policy since then.

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I was able to get a dead Supermicro board replaced under warranty that I originally purchased from an eBay vendor.  I had no issues with the RMA, it went smoothly and the replacement board was fine.  I've also had nothing but good experiences with Newegg open box deals, although in some cases finding an IO panel that fits the motherboard can cost so much as to negate any savings from the open box deal!  If you are building for yourself and aren't too picky, the IO panel is technically an optional component, so no big deal if it is missing.


I personally would jump on this deal if I needed the motherboard.

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don't get me wrong. buy this board!



I have purchased at least 5 open box supermicro boards from newegg (3x X9SCM's and 2 X7 atoms). I also have yet have any missing parts other then a manual that is online anyways.


Newegg will replace the board if it is DOA.


I am glad you had a good experience RAJ.

I had only the one dealing with RMA's through supermicro and it was bad. that was also a few years back, so maybe they realized the error of that process?

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