Setting Cache Drives (Pool) Up as BFTS Encrypted

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This is a question about setting BTFS encrypted on the cache pool on an unraid server and specifically best practice and how to actually do it.

I am new to unraid so please bare with me!


Situation is as follows. 


The main array is BTFS encrypted but the cache pool (2x 1TB SSD's) is not.


The goal is to convert (reformat) the pool to BTFS encrypted.


Actions so far


- I have set the pool and drives up to use BTFS encrypted as the file system however at the moment the padlock icon is orange and not green indicating that files are not encrypted.

- It seems that the pool drives need to be reformatted (question?)

- I have turned off VM and Docker  and changed the mover direction for iso's system, appdata and system folders to force the mover to move the files to the main array.

- I have run mover manually which have moved all files out of the cache pool and into the main array

- The cache pool is now empty.

- The next step will be to stop the array, delete and recreate the pool and hope that its created correctly with BTFS encrypted.


I have not done this just yet as I am waiting for parity to complet on the main array.


Is this the correct process?








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