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[SOLVED] Unraid Newbie needs help - how to install tgz.

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my english is a little bit bad. I´m a german.


I have installed a unraid Version (4.7) on a USB Stick and all works verry great!

I buy a dubble PLUS version.


On a second USB Stick i try the 5.0XX BETA VERSIONS, but...


i´m a linux idiot. I have no Plan to install a tgz file on the Stick. My Plan is to install the Simple Features Plugin.


They wrote:


Place the simpleFeatures-0.8-unraid-speeding_ant.tgz in your preferred directory for packages.


Which preferred directory?


Should i create a directory (on example PLUGINS) on the USB Stick, or on my Windows XP Computer ???


They wrote:

Modify the following line to represent the directory you placed it in. /boot is your flash drive, then place into your go script, preferably after the emhttp entry:


installpkg /boot/*path to*/simpleFeatures-0.8-unraid-speeding_ant.tgz


Which Line where ???

What go script!


Has anyone a picture to show me what they mean?


I understand nothing!!!


Can every one help me?


I have e few friends who would buy a licene too, but there english is bad too.


I would make a little how to in GERMAN on my Homepage, but i need help...







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most people using unRAID have created a "packages" folder on the flash drive and put the packages there.


If you are using one of the newer beta versions of unRAID, you can creat an "extras" folder and put it there.  packages in the "extras" folder will automatically re-install themselves every time you reboot.

Be aware though, to use the "extras" folder, the package should have been created for unRAID or need no additional configuration. 

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You need a space:


You typed:



Should be:

 installpkg /boot/custom/simpleFeatures-0.8.tgz


To avoid these kinds of mistakes I don't rename packages and I copy the text from the instructions into the text editor. It is also a good idea to use a Linux aware text editor that respects line feeds as opposed to returns. It doesn't make a difference for the go file, but it does for other configuration files. I use "Edit Pad Lite".

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Now it´s all right!

I get a PN from a member!


I create under XP on my UNRAID Flash drive a folder names "extra".


I copied the (simpleFeatures-0.9b-unraid-speeding_ant.tgz) file in the folder "extra".


I put the Flash to my Unraid Tower and reboot.


Under tower login, i type "root" and enter


After root i type : "installpkg /boot/extra/simpleFeatures-0.9b-unraid-speeding_ant.tgz"


Then installed the simpleFeatures Plugin.


It´s so easy!!!


Big Thanks to my HERO member "Sledgehamma"  ;D



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