hosting 50+ WP and X-cart websites on Unraid - LAMP VM vs Apache/PHP docker?

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Quick question...


I have ~50 WordPress and 5 X-cart websites that I currently host on four AWS Linux V2 VMs.


AWS is about to raise the price of the hosting by charging a monthly fee for the four IPv4 addresses i use AND forcing us to move from their Linux V2 distro to AWS Linux 2023 for my 4 VMs.


I have all of my domains on Cloudflare and am considering bringing my hosting back inhouse via my Unraid server.


I am going to assume that the Apache / PHP dockers I see available are probably not flexible enough for this task...or am I wrong?


otherwise should I use a Fedora VM for this as CentOs is about to be discontinued?  Or is there a better choice of Linux distro for WP website hosting?


Yeah...definitely poweruser type questions :).



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30 minutes ago, durableman said:

I am going to assume that the Apache / PHP dockers I see available are probably not flexible enough for this task...or am I wrong?

Why? They're just those things in a minimal system.


Also can just use X instances of the official Wordpress docker container for WP.

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On 11/20/2023 at 12:45 PM, durableman said:

Good point...i will check them out.  Looks like i just install either the MariaDB or MySQL docker first and then the Wordpress docker.  Not sure how it support multiple domains and sites...but I guess I will figure it out.



For ease of administration I recommend naming and setting up a unique instance of a database container for each instance. Unless you are a database wizard and feel more comfortable managing a single db container with multiple sites using it, the advantages of multiple containers far outweigh any downsides. The additional storage requirements for each identical container is practically nothing, they each share layers, so the only additional storage is the database and config files, which can live in a uniquely named folder in appdata.


The ability to blow away an entire database that's misbehaving without effecting other sites is very handy.

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