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How to prevent only one disk is filling up

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Hi everyone,


I am running Unraid 4.7 in a 3 disk ( 2 data, 1 parity) configuration. My problem is that I see only one disk getting filled with data (mostly downloaded movies like HD videos and BD-rips from SABNZB). These are downloaded in disk2/sabnzbd/downloads and then auto-unrarred in disk2/videos. Allocation method for both directories is high water but what split level should be set for these directories? I think this is the source of my problem. The SABNZB and videos directory show up as User Shares. Included and Excluded disks setting are empty. Disk2 is now 66% filled while Disk1 is still empty.


Maybe I am totally wrong and I make a thinking error, this is my first Unraid built.

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but what split level should be set for these directories?


How can we answer this when we do not know what storage structure you want on the disks???

My main concern is to prevent only one disk filling up. I guess i should configure sabnzb to not to point to disk2/sabnzbd/downloads and to disk2/videos but to the user shares. I have the feeling that split level doesnt work for me. The split level is dependable on the directory depth I think

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I believe once a file is on a disk it stay on a disk. you are downloading and unrarring your files on disk 2 that is where they remain.

you have to either manually copy over files using disk shares or copy/unrar the files from outside the array, (e.g. a Cache drive) for them to be distributed according to allocation method.

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You are correct, you must use user shares with sabnzbd for unraid to manage the fill level of your disks. At least change the final destination to something like:




I dump my movies in \\Tower\Movies which spans 15 disks. Inside Movies I have Movie 1 (2000), Movie 2 (2001), etc.


Share name: Movies

Allocation method: Most-free

Split level: 1



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btw, anyone who finds this post and tries to use the link provided, the documentation may be organized incorrectly when you look at it.


Split level


The maximum depth in the directory tree which may be split across multiple disks. See Split level below.

It's not below, it's above as of today. It drove me nuts for a while as I kept searching the forums trying to find an answer to my problem and everyone kept linking to the docs which are currently slightly incorrect.

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