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2GB enough for SABnzd, sickbeard, and couchpotato?


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My machine only has 2GB of RAM (I actually have 4GB, but it crashes in 10 minutes whenever all 4 is in, but either stick of 2GB works fine)...


Lately I've switched to Usenet instead of torrenting for downloading files, and quite liking running SABnzd on my desktop... But I think I'd like to move to the ultimate convience and have all 3 usenet apps running on the server... I don't have any other addons (other than unMenu) on my machine.


Just want to get an idea of if its going to work or cause lots of headaches before I go to the trouble of installing...



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I ran just sabnzbd for more than a year with 2G of ram. Lately on really large rar/par sets smbd would exit from lack of ram (I think). I also run cache_dirs and a few minor extensions. Depending on what else you are running, and how many nzbs you have in your queue, you may be fine.


I am surprised you are having trouble with 2 sticks of ram in the C2SEE. I would suspect the ram not the board.

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