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  1. I tried moving it to another port and now I get: Unmountable: No file system I'm guessing the drive is cooked.
  2. Kept getting emails about moved sectors so decided to run a manual backup this morning and any time I try to I get errors like cp: error reading 'docker.img': Input/output error The cable is one of those 1->4 for sata controllers so I can't swap it but I changed it to another open one (and no other drives are giving me issues) but that didn't help. Not sure where to go from here. Docker won't start, VMS wont start, app data is all on the cache drive which hasn't been backed up recently. I can rebuild but ideally the less work the better. New drive will be here tomorrow, is
  3. Weird, tied all of CA and same result, no connections. 🤷‍♂️ Disabling the VPN did work eventually though
  4. I'm having the same issue, started a few days ago and nothing on the server has changed on months. I can only conclude it's PIA and I've tried every port forwarding server listed so I'm now looking for another VPN provider. I tried disabling the VPN and it still doesn't work...wonder if that option doesn't work since it's the VPN version?
  5. I changed my plex password and now the server isn't working, I get the, No soup for you message. What's the solution to this, nothing I've found online has worked. 😞
  6. How did you do these benchmarks, I need to go down this hole.
  7. I spent all day, nothing worked. I had it on my desk with a single cpu, one stick of ram and I got the same thing, blinking amber light no post. I tried every possible thing I could find online, nothing changed anything and since this is old there is no support. What's confusing is why, when I tried to start the VM after adding the networking card did it happen? My only thought is any restart and this would have happened it just happened to be the network card change that caused the restart, I cut my loses and ran out and purchased new hardware and I'm back up and running. Not ideal, $600/late
  8. So I have an intel board and the status led is just flashing amber. The manual says there are codes to read based off the 8 leds but they are all off, just the main system status led blinking and the manual says nothing about that.
  9. I thought it was the PCI card, I still think it was but when I started the VM everything froze. No monitor signal or anything so I had to force shutdown and now nothing comes up at all. Fans spin, lights on but nothing on the monitor and doesn't connect to the network. Thoughts?
  10. Does anyone else have the issue with deluge just stop responding? I can't track down any reason and the logs are not helpful. Usually a restart fixes it but sometimes I will be days before I notice it.
  11. That's over $600 just in drives not counting server hardware. To do it well that server should also be located somewhere else too. 😞
  12. I've been thinking a lot about this as my array grows. Most stuff I care about (photos, documents, wiki, etc) are backed up to the cloud but for the most part they're small, < 1TB total. The rest of my array (movies, music, etc) is not backed up, I always told myself that it was okay to lose it but the more I collect the more I'm starting to not think that way. A simple flooding from a broken pipe could wipe my entire 10+ year collection. Since uploading 40+TB of data is no small task I'm looking at alternative solutions that will scale and give me the best chance to recover, I'm not sure a
  13. So...stupid, openvpn was working but I couldn't access other dockers via the vpn (port forwarding?) so I started playing around and I locked myself out when I switch it to bridge instead of host. Can I edit the network or config file via command line to get back on the network?
  14. I need to upgrade but last time I did I had kernel panics and it took me a day to revert my machine back so it was usable and now I'm scared to do it again. The previous issue was here: Naldinho said in that thread that 6.4 worked but that was beta and now we're on 6.6. I remember I used to be able to copy a few files to the flash to test but I don't see that option and it looks like I can only use the interface to upgrade which scares me if something goes wrong. To boot, it doesn't even give me the option to upgrade so I'll have to force it but I still feel nervous a
  15. Why can't I see 6.4? I'm on 6.2.4 and it only shows I can upgrade to 6.3.2 which I can't because it kernel panics. I've tried refresh the plugins multiple times on different days, same result.