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Help with Cache

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I removed a 1tb drive (unused) from the array. Reinstalled as a cache. All went well (info from here helped a lot).


I am not sure I understand its use.


    I set one of the array's SMB shares to use the cache drive to test. The SMB share is software.

    I then copied a file into the SMB share (software) I noted the file was in the SMB share, and the cache drive had a dir created with the same file in it. both the file in the share in the array and the file in the cache had the same file size. I then forced the mover to run and the dir and file was removed from the cache drive.  I assume this is correct operation?


Would someone please advise.








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Yes that is what is supposed to happen.


When a file is copied to a share on the array, when cache drive is set it puts the file on the cache drive. There is no parity protection for the file so if the cache drive dies the data goes with it.

The file will be visable as if it were part of the array.

The mover script (which most people run in the middle of the night) then moves the file onto a disk in the array and adjusts parity to match so the file then has parity protection.



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