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Flash drive listed as read only


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I have upgraded from 4.7 to 5.0 beta12a


for the first few days all was well but now when I mount the flash drive it only have read access to it.  I cant make any modifications.  I was adding and testing plugins but now I can not do anything on the flash.  I only have read access.  I have read/write to all other shares.


Help please  :)

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Hi this has also just happened to me, when i check permissions they are 777. But still i cannot modify files, ive tried on windows and a mac and also through terminal with cp.


syslog attached.

When file system corruption is detected on the flash drive, the flash drive is made read-only to prevent more corruption.


Move it to a window's PC and run scandisk/chkdisk on it.


Joe L.

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