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MY way to DAYDREAM (S3) Unraid 5.0-beta12a FROM BEGINNERS to BEGINNER


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A few lines from about me!


I search a few month to a "media storage container".

I tried Freenas and Windows Homeserver!

After a few horrible weeks i have read in a german forum from "Unraid"!

That was the exact "THINK"  what I require


Oh no ... only a english support forum. No forum in german language..

My english is verry rusty, because i am a german.


....oh nooooo, unraid is LINUX!!!

I have no plan from linux!!!


So what, google and www.dict.cc are my new friends.

I installed unraid and copied a few terra in my new "media Gate". After a change from 4.7 to 5.0xx i had a mistake, so i confoundet the HDD places.

I lost a few terra byte. Oh noooo!

My luck was my friend... he is my backup!


I installed the 5.0xx and my pain come from the beginning.

After a good help here from the forum my unraid works perfect with unmenu and simple features...


almost perfect


The S3 funktion did not work allone.


I spend a few days to make it perfect for ME!


So, now i wrote down MY easy way to DAYDREAM my unraid.


My hardware now is:


Asrock alive nf7g with a sempron LE1250 fix adusted @800 mhz to 0,8V

My cooler is a Thermaltake SonicTower Rev. 2 passiv

3x Western 2 tb HDD and ad 160 GB Western HDD

I use a Kingston SSDNow V+100 96GB as cache drive.

350 W bequiet power supply.




All files you need are at the attachment from my post!


I put my USB flash drive into my windows machine!


Unzip/unrar the s2ram AND the s3 file!


In the folder bin, i put the s2ram file.

Then put the s3.sh file in the folder bin!


Unzip/unrar the libx86 file!


In the folder packages i put the libx86-1.1-i486-1.tgz file.


Then i opend the go file from folder config with a notepad.


I wrote to the end of the existing lines:


installpkg /boot/packages/libx86-1.1-i486-1.tgz

/boot/custom/bin/s3.sh &


and save the go file to the same folder.


That´s it!


Put the USB Flash drive to your unraid and reboot!




The s2ram and the s3.sh files i fínd here in deep in the forum.

The libx86 file i find on google!




For me it works perfect!


Thanks for all and now ....


DAYDREAM your unraid and safe money and CO2!




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