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  1. beire

    x9scm-f memory

    Hello, I have got a x9scm-f motherboard in my home server and am running out of memory. I though about adding 16B with the kvr1333D3E9SK2/16G set i also have in another x9scm server. It is however extremely hard to find it, as are all compatible sets listed on the x9scm's compatibility list. Does anyone have experience with newer sets of ddr3 memory that certainly work on the x9scm?
  2. Yes, i am located in the EU, sorry
  3. How is the influxdb node set up? Is the influxdb running on node-red docker (localhost?) Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  4. Are you saving data IN the node-red docker? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  5. I received the rails this week. Everything is as expected, they fit and are in very good shape. Only thing missing is some screws to secure the rails to the chassis.
  6. Thx Johnie. Meanwhile i found this Avago SAS 9305-16i that i should be able to acquire. Is this a good option?
  7. I found these and went ahead and ordered one. I'll update when i get them!
  8. Hi, I bought a sc846 chassis of ebay, offcourse no rails were included so i bought a new pair ( MCP-290-00057-0N). Now it seems the new rails won't fit the old chassis and the old type is near impossible to find ( MCP-290-00014-00 ? ). Are there third party rails that can fit the chassis? Or someone know a place that still carries the old type?
  9. Hello, I'm looking to order a new HBA. I actually need 16 ports. So i either buy an 8 port HBA + expander or 16 port HBA. When i go for the expander route, i can leave the sata ports on the motherboard and focus all drives on the HBA. I was thinking on the LSI 9207-8i and intel RES2SV240. The intel being the most recommended. HOWEVER, it is nearly impossible to find? I need a valid VAT invoice, so ebay is no path for me. I'm based in europe, so what are my options? Is the intel discontinued? I see a newer 28 port version is available, but
  10. Frank, I did check the supported RAM list, the KVR667D2D4F5 4GB modules are on the list, although it's a replacement module. I did also reset the bios to default settings after the update. The sas2lp is one i have laying around from my home server which i replaced with a m1015 a while back. It's just to test. Performance is way better with it then the areca though! (12mB/s vs 85mB/s). The setting that allows the server to boot now is "Cache Extended Memory", if set to anything other than write through it won't boot. However, my syslog is now spammed with followi
  11. I tried booting ubuntu live. Same result. I now updated bios which gave no other result. Then i started fiddling with bios settings regarding ram memory, and YES is boots !! Don't know which setting exactly it was though. Next problem is 2 of 3 new WD red 4tb drives fail to be recognised by the old areca 1280ml controller, i'll swap in a sas2lp to test if it's really the drives. Parity check speeds with the areca is 7mb/s, so i'm not sure that is normal either.
  12. Hey guys, I recentyl bought a second hand server with following hardware Supermicro x7dbe 2x Intel xeon E5405 2Gb of ram 22 1tb hitachi drives I actully bought it for the superchassis CSE-846 it came in and thought i could mabye temperarily salvage the hardware. The amount of ram thoug was problematic for VM's though. So i went ahead and bought 32gb of KVR667D2D4F5/4G replacement RAM ( ). After installation of this ram the server boots, but unraid halts druring boot, no errors seem to be give
  13. Spants, I use a USB adapter passed through to your node-red docker. The ttyUSB1 device is owned by root and node-red does not have access to it. I can chown ttyUSB1 to node-red user, then it works. But this obvisously does not survive a reboot. Can this be changed? Thx
  14. Are you also still using spants's original docker? You should migrate to the newer official node-red template by spants. You are running 14.7 while the official docker is at 15.7(?). Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk