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I have an Unraid server (mini12) connected to an internal network running at 2.5 gb.  The external network runs at 1.0 gb.  I access the Unraid server via a Windows 11 pc in the internal network.


I have discovered that when I log into the server using the network name (mini12) from my local Windows pc, the file transfer speed is slow (~110 mb/sec).  However, when I log into the server using the internal IP address ( - which is fixed), the file transfer speed is at the full 2.5 gb network speed (~240 mb/sec).   I use Tailscale (plug-in version) to give me remote access to the server, but the issue is with respect to internal network access, not external.  Having said that, I'm guessing that when I use the server name (mini12), I'm using Tailscale's DNS system which runs at my external internet speed (1.0 gb), hence my internal file transfers are affected.  I have confirmed that if I disconnect Tailscale from the Windows 11 pc, file transfers occur at the 2.5 gb network speed.


Therefore, I think I've got a Tailscale configuration problem.  Are there any Tailscale gurus out there that can help?

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