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Any way to limit the range of ports Dynamic UPnP remote access will use?

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I would like to use Dynamic UPnP for remote access on my server. I've set it up following the documentation without any issue, and it works fine on most networks, but my employers corporate firewall is picky about what ports devices on the network can connect through. So far, every port the Dynamic UPnP setting of the Connect Plugin uses get's blocked by my corporate firewall overlords. I've previously had a static port forwarded without any issue whatsoever for remote management, so I know there are acceptable ports. I assume that if I cycle remote access off and on again, leasing and releasing ports from my router for long enough, I'll stumble upon an acceptable one for my corporate firewall, but I'd much rather define a specific range to use in a setting somewhere.


I respect that this may not be something the Connect Plugin can control (this may be a router UPnP implementation specific implementation issue) but I thought I'd see what this forum thinks.

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