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Found licensed USB Drive but empty - setup trial server - want to move license...

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I feel like an idiot. So, I have a server I setup and dialed in with a unraid trial license. I thought I had my licensed thumb drive but I couldn't find it. Searched a bunch of drives and found one with the matching GUID. It is blank. I want to use a brand new flash drive. Is there anyway to do this? I contacted support but haven't heard back. So in summary:

1 - Licensed thumbdrive - BLANK

2 - Trial license thumbdrive - with server working the way I want it to

3 - Brand new good quality thumb drive not associated or black listed with unraid.

How do I get #3 thumb drive to be the licensed one and move the config over from #2 to #3?


Thank you in advance for trying to help me. Appreciate it.

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1 minute ago, Kilrah said:

Install Unraid on it and put the keyfile for the original licensed drive in the config directory. Once in Unraid it'll tell you there's a mismatch and allow you to transfer the license to that USB drive.

You cannot transfer trial licences to a new drive - you can only get a new trial licence for the new drive.

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