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unraid crashing when plex scans music library

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2nd day in a row I've had this issue, but when plex tries to scan my music library files, unraid crashes. gui is inaccessible, I can ping the server still, and all the dockers are unreachable. 

I looked at the logs both times because it was still responsive for a few minutes, got a message in the logs both times that says plex service was forced to stop because it was out of memory. then a couple minutes later, nothing works. In the few minutes it is still up, the dashboard doesn't show that I am out of memory. 


3975wx cpu, 256GB of ram, asus sage MB, rtx 5000 gpu, 



I suspect I may have a bad usb and have a new one coming, but want to see if anyone can take a look at my logs to see if they see anything else. I have been able to put the usb in my desktop and copy all the files. 


but both times this has happened, i hit the reset button on the tower, and it boots to bios and doesn't see the usb. reinsert the usb and it boots normally. I'll disable the plex scans if I can for a temporary fix, but would like any help anyone has to offer. 


latest diagnostics zip is attached after reseating the usb and rebooting. 


Thanks in advance!


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I’ve enabled it. I also tweaked some memory settings for Plex, increased transcoding cache size on ram and increased database cache size. Will rerun the music scan manually when no one is watching anything to see if it still crashes. 

main thing that’s throwing me for a loop is that the motherboard doesn’t detect the usb as a boot drive until it’s been reinserted. Not sure if this is an indication of the drive going bad or if it’s a weird thing with my motherboard. 

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Did a little experimenting this morning and it appears to be a issue with plex and a memory leak. When scanning my music folder, it gets hung on a file/folder and memory usage just goes through the roof. If I restart or stop plex, everything is fine, except the scan is never able to complete. Not sure what is causing the hangup, but I'll do some more searching on that.

I let it get up to about 80GB of ram usage one time and stopped it. unraid hasn't had an issue since last night. I'll follow up if I find a fix

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