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Can't add disks to array

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Hi All, 


I've managed to get my unraid server into a bit of 'funky' state. I'm not able to add new disk to it. The array is currently up and running just not as 'protected' as i'd like and missing a couple of disks.

I believe this was caused when i had a few disk die and I didn't follow instructions on how to replace them very well. 

I'm also aware i have quite a few disk with smart errors. I've swapped out the disks that got disabled. I can't afford to replace all of them, I understand the risks I'm taking.


I lost one of my Parity disk. I've been trying to replace it with a new 12tb Drive.

When trying to add a a parity disk I get "Too many wrong and/or missing disks!". I'm not able to start the array.

I've tried different combinations around adding a drive (or multiple) into the array to try get it started.


Am I not able to add disk because of the read errors when running a 'check' - Finding 2441609203 errors. I'm unsure how to fix this.

I see a couple of I/O errors in the logs - I had a quick google and found one thing that said this is normal till the disk gets added to the array - unsure if this is true?

Jan 13 19:48:52 dump kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev md10p1, logical block 1953506608, async page read
Jan 13 19:48:52 dump kernel: Buffer I/O error on dev md7p1, logical block 2441609184, async page read


Fixable? Or have I messed around with it too much trying to fix it myself?




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9 hours ago, itimpi said:

Are disk7 and disk10 meant to be present and have data on them?

Disk7 and 10 got disabled so I replaced them. The original disks are no longer connected.


6 hours ago, mathomas3 said:

Lets not forget to mention that those are some high temps to be running these HHDs at. I would suggest addressing that soon. More heat means that you will have a higher failure rate 

Yea, not a fan - but not alot I can do about it.

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7 hours ago, JorgeB said:

This is expected, you will need to do a new config, which disk do you have?


What do you mean by what disks do I have?
I had 3 bad disks. Currently two of the older ones are in the system (old Parity + another old 10TB)

I have replacements for these drives.

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