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Is my disk okay? SMART included

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So I just found this post from 2013



Different manufacturers report certain SMART parameters in different ways.  You can safely ignore Seagate's High Fly Write counts ... the drives are almost certainly fine.


They're not "errors" by the way ... it's just counting the number of high fly writes.  This is an informational SMART parameter -- not one that will cause failure of SMART or that indicates any imminent failure.  Many manufacturers don't bother to report this parameter, since it's essentially meaningless with regards to drive health.


Is this still correct or have we learned anything new since then?

Note that my count of 60 high fly write is much higher than what I've typically seen (< 10). 

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3 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

I wouldn't worry about that attribute, some Seagate drives no longer report it, and from the ones that do I'm used to see various values, and don't remember that ever being a sign or indication of a disk failure.


That's a relief, thanks.


Does the SMART output look okay otherwise? No cause for concern with the other 2 warnings?

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