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Unraid server suddenly shutting down

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Hi all,


i've been using Unraid for a while now and its always been rock solid.  However over the two months or so I've noticed when logging into the GUI a parity check is in progress and can see the system uptime has started again - I assumed it could have been a dodgy connection, but didn't notice anything hardware-wise that could cause the problem.  I have enabled syslog and can see at 4:09am this line:


Jan 16 04:09:47 McNas wsdd2[3203]: 'Terminated' signal received.

Jan 16 04:09:47 McNas nmbd[3167]:   Got SIGTERM: going down...


Could anyone offer any help on how this could be happening? or even if this is what's causing the problem? - I have attached the diagnostics and system log, but I have no idea what I'm looking at! any help appreciated.

mcnas-diagnostics-20240116-0903.zip syslog-

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Appreciate the heads up - any idea what sort of checks I should do, hardware wise? - or would you say.. just go big and take it all out/apart and rebuild? 


I recently checked all the PSU connections to mobo etc and everything looked fine, changed the kettle lead, the wall socket used... could an issue with ram not sitting in the board have cause this? (I'm clutching at straws) :( 



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