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i tried to install nbzget-ng since i have problems with binhex-nzbget stuck on extracting etc.

so i installed nzbget-ng from tab Apps and run it. as i want to save changes in the settings i receive the following error and i dont know what to to, or were to find the path to solv the problem.




does anyone know what i can do?

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i just changed this path to my download folder on installation of the docker:




i dont know were i can find the /config folder.


@trurl i dont have this icon if i move to the tab docker.


i found this we clicking on the docker in dashboard and then on log:



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what I am about to say doesn't resolve the above stated issue but is an alternative to avoid the problem altogether.


I found myself in the same situation where my nzbget docker was broken and understand that the previous maintainer for the nzbget docker has stopped maintaining it. After much fiddling and brute forcing, I just ended up going to the nzbget website and looked under the installation/docker tab then replaced the repository under the nzbget settings on unraid to the below and now no more issues with unpacking. Will do some more tests but looks like this resolved.  


I only got into this mess because the update link for nzbget on my docker page was broken (due to the previous maintainer stopping to maintain). My strong suggestion to you is, if nzbget is working without issue, don't play around with it just because the version link isn't available on the docker page. 



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