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DDR5 worth it?

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I am looking to upgrade my system. I currently have an i7 9700 with 32GB of DDR4 2666 memory. My system is used for gaming and media server mostly. I have 6 cores assigned to the gaming VM (which has an RX6800 passed through) and then unraid and docker just does its stuff although I don't specifically limit to cores 1 and 2.


I would like a bit more CPU grunt in the gaming side of things and am currently thinking of trying to get a 13700 with Z690/Z790 motherboard. Plan being to assign 8 P cores to the VM and the 8 E cores to unraid (I am assuming the E cores still can do iGPU transcoding?)


Is it worth going with DDR5? I could spread the cost of this by re-using my existing memory but I think that locks me into the choices of a DDR4 motherboard then from what I can tell.

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The benefit would probably be more of a future thing. Think of it like this. DDR5 simply means more memory throughput potential at a slightly higher latency. If you had enough multitasked things happening it could be a bonus, but if your memory isn't taxed much now it likely won't make much of a difference. 


Generally speaking right near the memory change between generations good optimize previous gen memory is just as fast/efficient as the latest and greatest of the next gen in over 95% of stuff. That will likely change in the future though. There is also a slightly lower power requirement for the new stuff as well that may help low power systems.


That said You aren't running the best DDR4 memory currently since it is 2666. Personally, I would do DDR5 in one stick probably to reduce power usage. 

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