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Probable Hardware change -> upgrade, CPU i5 gen 5 to i7 gen 8, Ram 32Gb ddr3 to 64 Gb ddr4 and of course the Mobo :)

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Hi gurus and experts,


I have the opportunity to speed up my server a bit, so I'd like to ask you some NOOB questions,


1. My HDD HBA card has 4x4 SATA 6 connections, with 4 connectors on the card and 16 endings for

the individual HDDs. How important is it to keep the HDDs on the same port (LUNs)?


2. In theory, I can add 3 NVMs, but the connection speeds and lane counts are different ! 2 of them have an PCie gen 4 port, the third one is PCIe gen 3. Will the slower one interfere with the 2 faster ones ? Either by slowing them down, or might it even cause timing problems ?

6TB of cache would be nice, but I can easily live with 4 (2x2) TB. Does splitting them up in 2 pools, like one exclusively for docker apps the 2 faster ones as mirrors Raid 0 ? and the slower one as input buffer ?


3. Can one of name me the terminal commands for checking on the integrity of the data HDDs (XFS) superblocks and all that jazz b4 I start the disassembly and re-assembly of my server.


Aaaah and I need/will replace 1 Data drive as well as the second  Parity disk. 


Anything else to be aware of ?


thx for reading and cheers - ahab

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