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Cannot stop array as per Shrink Array instructions

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I have followed the steps outlined in the Shrink Array documentation here: Shrink Array | Unraid Docs

Following Step 8 calls for the use of the User Script: "clear an array drive". I followed these steps and the operation indicated that it had finished successfully.

Step 9 instructs to stop the array, however this operation loops endlessly with the following errors: 


Jan 17 09:55:09 Tower root: umount: /mnt/disk2: not mounted.
Jan 17 09:55:09 Tower emhttpd: shcmd (8074): exit status: 32
Jan 17 09:55:09 Tower emhttpd: Retry unmounting disk share(s)...


What is the appropriate course of action?

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Woof. I feel like the official documentation should be updated then. Thanks for the answer.


In case the linked answer gets deleted or edited out: 


I created a local virtual disk using `dd if=/dev/zero of=diskX bs=1M count=310` (xfs requires at least 300mb disk), created filesystem with `mkfs -t xfs diskX` and mounted as `mount diskX /mnt/diskX`. Almost immediately after doing that, the stopping of the array was able to complete (cleanup the created virtual disks by running `rm diskX` after the array is stopped)


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