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HDD disconnects mid extended SMART; passes quick SMART

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I have an 8TB Seagate Barracuda that was in my array that suddenly got disabled (red X) two days ago. The failure appears to be in the drive, not the SATA cable, SATA port, or power cables as I get the same results with:

a) 3 different SATA cables

b) 2 different SATA ports (both on the mobo) 

c) 2 different SATA power cables including a MOLEX>SATA Power Adapter


The symptoms are:

1) After a reboot, I am able to successfully run a quick SMART test and everything passes (see attached image #1).

2) However when I try to run an extended SMART test, the disk disconnects and becomes unreachable after about 15 minutes. In order to reconnect to the disk, I have to reboot. A screenshot of the syslog is attached as image 2849792634_Screenshot2024-01-17at11_10_51AM.thumb.jpg.e0d90adb0a38a75c0bbb93244b0a607d.jpg


What I don't get is why the quick smart test shows no issues. Should I just give up on this drive? Any thoughts or comments much appreciated!!

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6 minutes ago, itimpi said:

Quick SMART test does not test most of the disk - you need the extended version for that.    Not sure why it is disconnecting though as the test runs internally to the drive and does not involve the host.

The disconnect occurs during the extended test. The syslog reports and I/O error and the drive shows up as "disabled" in the array. So I interpretted this as the drive "disconnecting" but maybe I am using the wrong word? The drive still shows up in unraid but is not accessible.

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