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Missing Data after attempt at drive replacement

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Looking to get some help before I mess things up more than I probably already did.  I thought drive replacement was going to be easier than I came across.  I will attempt to describe what I have already done and what I'm trying to fix.

I had a data drive fail and ordered multiple new drives that were larger than the previous parity drive.  Previous drive setup was 1 parity, disk 1 of data failed and then disk 2.

I believe I did a New Config and currently have one of the new drives in the parity slot, a new drive in the first data slot showing xfs and seems to be running, a new drive stating "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" in the second disk slot and the old parity drive in the 3rd data slot stating "Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system."  Cache drives unchanged.  Old disk 2 is currently not connected to the system.

It seems at though it is remembering some of the shares, but none of the data is in them.

Am I past the point of saving the old data after a new parity was built?  Can I save files from the old disk 2 and move them somehow?  I would appreciate any guidance you all can provide.

Thank you!


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Old parity is now unmountable in disk3, old disk1 failed. Old disk2 should be fine but is currently not attached to the system. 

I’m pretty sure I did a new config in order to get the new parity drive setup.  Likely was a mistake as I’m finding out.  Just looking to see what I should be able to recover at this point.


Thank you for your help

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So I plugged in the previously thought to have failed old disk1 and ran the smart test and it says passed.  I ordered more cables so I can plug all the drives in and then see what happens.  Is there a process I should do like make them unassigned and then try to look and see what files are on before I add them to the array?  I appreciate everyones help so far.

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