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High Water Table (split any directory as needed)

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Hello can somebody explain the behavior that I am seeing?




I have a large 3.5TB torrent downloading but for some reason disk2 keeps filling up. I still have 1.75TB left to download and I am concerned disk2 will fill right up and the torrent will fail.


Should the writing not have switched to disk3 already with 1.15TB left to create a more equalized data distribution?



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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

If the files were preallocated, with torrents they can be, they would all be allocated to disk2, so then it would write them all files there.

Thanks JorgeB. Two follow up questions:


1. Will this cause the disk to "Become full" and the torrent will fail or will unraid be smart enough to divide it up and start a new disk once disk2 is full?

2. If the former happens and the torrent fails, how do I try again without having this limitation?

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9 minutes ago, sannitig said:

But what is the point of "High Water Table > Automatically split any directory as required'? I thought that meant unraid will figure out the data allocation

It does - at the point the file is first opened and has 0 size.  If the free space is below Minimum Free Space at that point another drive is chosen.    Once the drive is chosen Unraid does not change its mind if the file subsequently does not fit - it gives an out of space error.   That is why you want have to have a value for minimum free space  that is larger than the biggest new file that might be written to the disk.   

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