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upgrade parody and have a dead drive

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8 minutes ago, BLAZE said:

it does do a self check with no errors

So it's not really 'dead'.


You have to rebuild the disabled disk. It might be OK to rebuild to the same disk, but since you want to upsize, parity swap is the way to go, assuming you don't have any other problems you haven't noticed.

2 hours ago, trurl said:

make sure you haven't overlooked something important.


Attach diagnostics to your NEXT post in this thread.


Keep the original disk as is, its contents can probably still be read if necessary.

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i ran the XFS repair check with options -nv and here are the results:

Phase 1 - find and verify superblock...
        - block cache size set to 1123768 entries
Phase 2 - using internal log
        - zero log...
zero_log: head block 341667 tail block 341667
        - scan filesystem freespace and inode maps...
        - found root inode chunk
Phase 3 - for each AG...
        - scan (but don't clear) agi unlinked lists...
        - process known inodes and perform inode discovery...
        - agno = 0
        - agno = 1
        - agno = 2
        - agno = 3
        - process newly discovered inodes...
Phase 4 - check for duplicate blocks...
        - setting up duplicate extent list...
        - check for inodes claiming duplicate blocks...
        - agno = 0
        - agno = 2
        - agno = 3
        - agno = 1
No modify flag set, skipping phase 5
Phase 6 - check inode connectivity...
        - traversing filesystem ...
        - agno = 0
        - agno = 1
        - agno = 2
        - agno = 3
        - traversal finished ...
        - moving disconnected inodes to lost+found ...
Phase 7 - verify link counts...
No modify flag set, skipping filesystem flush and exiting.

        XFS_REPAIR Summary    Sat Jan 20 18:16:49 2024

Phase        Start        End        Duration
Phase 1:    01/20 18:16:12    01/20 18:16:12
Phase 2:    01/20 18:16:12    01/20 18:16:12
Phase 3:    01/20 18:16:12    01/20 18:16:32    20 seconds
Phase 4:    01/20 18:16:32    01/20 18:16:32
Phase 5:    Skipped
Phase 6:    01/20 18:16:32    01/20 18:16:49    17 seconds
Phase 7:    01/20 18:16:49    01/20 18:16:49

Total run time: 37 seconds

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can i just upgrade my Parity drive from my current 4tb to my 8TB, then replace my drive 4 3tb with and 8tb or would i lose the data on Drive 4?

or should i just order a 3TB and let it rebuild it then update parity and replace another drive with my other 8TB? 

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Well, that shows a short SMART self-test on disk4 failed, and so it definitely needs to be replaced.


Still doesn't explain why you did check filesystem on disk4. Assuming that is the disk you did it on, it would have been on the emulated disk since disk4 is disabled.


Since that was a -n (nomodify) check it didn't actually do anything, but maybe it would be a good idea to go ahead with that just in case.


Check filesystem on disk4 without -n. If it asks for it, use -L. Be sure to do it from the webUI and not the command line. Capture output and post it.

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