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Disks full with 9.88 TB space left

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My Unraid is getting full. Out of 168 TB there are now 158 TB used and 9.88 TB left.


I guess that this is causing a weird problem. When I try to move files from one share to another I get these errors:

- Windows: something like 0 bytes needed to move files but not available.

- Linux (from the Unraid GUI): see screenshot


Any idea what is going wrong? Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-01-20 200213.png

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18 hours ago, itimpi said:

You are likely to get better informed feedback if you attach your system’s diagnostics zip file to your next post in this thread.

You are right. I actually expected this to be a know issue or so, so I didn't add the diagnostics file. However, the problem us gone now.


I'll post again, when the problem occurs.

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22 minutes ago, Raki72 said:

Thanks JorgeB for the quick solution. I didn't even know this setting existed. 🙂

It used to always default to 0 (which caused its own problems), but I think it now defaults to some percentage of the drives used which most of the time is a better value, although as you found can still cause issues if you are not aware of the setting.

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