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Why did this drive not show up in the array? [Solved]


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I installed a couple new drives yesterday, one drive that I was only putting on the server temporarily to preclear.  (just to test the drive but I'm not using it in unRAID.  I wanted to know both of these drives passed before preclearing a third older drive.


Both "new drives passed, so I shut down, removed the one drive, then plugged in the other that I now wanted to preclear.  The drives I'm moving around are all on a SAS cable, the last drives in the array.  One of the 3 drives on that cable was previously in the array.  When I plugged them all back in, I got that one drive on cable 1 instead of 0 as it previously had been.  When I booted the array it didn't show up in it's slot.  unMenu showed it as a drive outside the array (so it could see the drive), but it was not automatically assigned to slot 6, which was noted as a missing drive.


I powered down and plugged it back into cable 0, rebooted, and everything came up fine.  


I thought the port position of a drive was not critical to the array, only the position assigned in the array?  If I had manually put that drive back in the drive 6 assignment would it have recognized it as the same drive and started the array?

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Depends on the version of unRAID you're running. The 4.x series are tied to device port assignments. The 5.x series are tied to device serial numbers so it no longer matters how you move the drives around.


Thanks.  On 4.7 now.  It really is working for me so am waiting for 5.X to be called "stable" unless I decide to jump to 3.0TB drives before then.

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