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Plex pool SSD becomes unmountable

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Hi guys,

couple of months ago I opened a thread for the same issue, it was fixed then by connecting the SSD straight to the mobo using SATA instead of using my hot swap bays (backplane). The issue hadn't occured for months, but now all of a sudden, with no changes made it's back... 


As far as I can tell SMART is only displaying 'old age errors' and no (pre-)failed ones, so the disk should be fine, I think? 


Other than the drive label changing to 'sdb' nothing has changed... I have attached both diagnostics from 'before' (aka when plex starts throwing the error but the drive appears to be connected normally in the unraid gui. As well as after an array start & stop when the drive shows up as unmountable. (Only a full system reboot fixes this afaik)


Thank you all in advance! :)



diag_after_array_restart.zip plex_ssd_SMART.zip diag_before_array_restart.zip

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