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541 Errors: handle_stripe read error: 747267896/0, count: 1

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This morning during the mover script, the parity drive returned 541 errors (and remained green):


Oct 18 03:46:05 Tower kernel: md: disk0 read error
Oct 18 03:46:05 Tower kernel: handle_stripe read error: 747275568/0, count: 1


The really awesome part of this story is that 4 days ago disk 4 returned 300 errors (and remained green) of exactly the same type.  I sent another drive in for RMA that I had sitting on the desk (it was a DOA drive during shipping) and was waiting for it to come back to replace disk 4 in case it had some missing data.


The question now is, when the replacement drive comes in, do I slot it in drive 0 or drive 4?  LOL!  Fug.  ;)

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