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[SOLVED] Help Please - Buffer I/O error on device md3


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I had a power cut today, when I arrived home the wife said the there was a problem, I tried to access the tower via web interface but couldn't, I then used putty to reboot which usually works fine however I now have "Buffer I/O error on device md3" and do not know how to proceed, any help is much appreciated.


I have attached the syslog.





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Thanks but the tower will not start to enable me to do these checks, the tower will not boot and 2 keyboard lights are flashing on and off.


Is there anyway of bypassing the error and then running reiserfsck.


Would disconnecting disk 3 allow the system to boot up?



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so a format (on windows) and reinstall was all you did to fix it?


I am running a brand new mobo/cpu/memory combo, memtest works fine, yet I get that error very randomly... I've tried different combinations and once I DO get it to boot, it only boots once, the second time doesn't boot.... very weird, I'm HOPING it's not the motherboard

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