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  1. was it your image? I am having the same issue
  2. I too am getting the Array index [2] out of range, array size is [1] when trying to benchmark
  3. It's a thread with 4 pages. Which instructions are you talking about>
  4. Hey guys. Been running unRAID for about 7 years now, and I just got ahold of a "new" to me server that is running a Phenom 2 x6. I am wondering if the newest build of unraid supports CnQ and C1e and all the power saving functions so I am not wasting needless money Also, how do I check that?
  5. dead links in main post. anybody have final version vmdk for 5.0?
  6. I have the exact same issue. Is there a way to tell unraid to ignore the redball and continue as if it were green? and then rebuild the truly missing drive? I am certain my redball happened from an unsafe shutdown, the drive is 100% ok.
  7. Hey guys running 5.x I have 10 drives in my array. 9 drives and a parity. Here's what happened. I had a drive redball, and within a couple of hours I was ready to replace it since I keep some warm spares in my server. Took the array offline, Drive # 8 was redballed so I planned on replacing it with a precleared drive that I had ready to swap. As soon as I took the array offline, drive #3 disappeared. It didn't go red, it just disappeared. I've experimented with moving it to a different slot in my case (since I have NORCO 5x3 enclosures) and no matter what I do, when I boot up unraid, I cannot see that drive to place it back in slot #3. Now here's the fun part. Drive #8 shows fine in long SMART test. I assume it redballed due to a hard shutdown when my power surged enough to kill the battery on my UPS. And then somewhere along the way drive 3 disappeared. I saw the drive there on the array everything fine. As soon as I unmounted the array, drive 3 was never again seen by the OS. My question is: Is there a way I can tell unraid: Drive 8 is fine, just use it, and then rebuild drive 3 on a clean drive? because as of right now I have a dual drive failure. I thought the TRUST MY ARRAY feature would work (I haven't tried it) but I want unraid to accept my current drive 8 as if it had never failed. is there somewhere I can change a setting to let unraid ever forget that it redballed? I'm willing to accept the risk.
  8. so a 1015 in IR mode can be used as a Datastore RAID 1. right?
  9. at that price I can just get another m1015 and flash ir in IR mode and do that for <90 bucks.... right?
  10. I deleted the log off my dropbox. I'll have to get a new log soon
  11. I've rebooted it a million times. problem persists.
  12. does this quit cache_dirs? That's the biggest thing for me right now, it doesn't stop cache_dirs and can never unmoutn