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  1. Been using this tool forever! Love it. Recently I removed the image (because I'm an idiot and didn't read the prompt when it asked if I had chosen the right docker to remove. Anyway. I re-added via CA appstore and here's the error I get on startup... https://pastebin.com/z6xzhPj7
  2. That's true. As someone who just upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9, how would you go about this? Move everything to array, remove cache pool, create new cache pool, move everything back, change docker location to folder in the docker settings, add each docker and point to the proper appdata location etc and everything should be good to go?
  3. maybe a stupid question but wouldn't libvirt.img also benefit from this change?
  4. was it your image? I am having the same issue
  5. I too am getting the Array index [2] out of range, array size is [1] when trying to benchmark
  6. Hey guys. Been running unRAID for about 7 years now, and I just got ahold of a "new" to me server that is running a Phenom 2 x6. I am wondering if the newest build of unraid supports CnQ and C1e and all the power saving functions so I am not wasting needless money Also, how do I check that?
  7. dead links in main post. anybody have final version vmdk for 5.0?
  8. I have the exact same issue. Is there a way to tell unraid to ignore the redball and continue as if it were green? and then rebuild the truly missing drive? I am certain my redball happened from an unsafe shutdown, the drive is 100% ok.
  9. Hey guys running 5.x I have 10 drives in my array. 9 drives and a parity. Here's what happened. I had a drive redball, and within a couple of hours I was ready to replace it since I keep some warm spares in my server. Took the array offline, Drive # 8 was redballed so I planned on replacing it with a precleared drive that I had ready to swap. As soon as I took the array offline, drive #3 disappeared. It didn't go red, it just disappeared. I've experimented with moving it to a different slot in my case (since I have NORCO 5x3 enclosures) and no matter what I do, when I boot up unraid, I cannot see that drive to place it back in slot #3. Now here's the fun part. Drive #8 shows fine in long SMART test. I assume it redballed due to a hard shutdown when my power surged enough to kill the battery on my UPS. And then somewhere along the way drive 3 disappeared. I saw the drive there on the array everything fine. As soon as I unmounted the array, drive 3 was never again seen by the OS. My question is: Is there a way I can tell unraid: Drive 8 is fine, just use it, and then rebuild drive 3 on a clean drive? because as of right now I have a dual drive failure. I thought the TRUST MY ARRAY feature would work (I haven't tried it) but I want unraid to accept my current drive 8 as if it had never failed. is there somewhere I can change a setting to let unraid ever forget that it redballed? I'm willing to accept the risk.
  10. so a 1015 in IR mode can be used as a Datastore RAID 1. right?
  11. at that price I can just get another m1015 and flash ir in IR mode and do that for <90 bucks.... right?
  12. I deleted the log off my dropbox. I'll have to get a new log soon