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  1. It just started working after a reboot... wtf?
  2. elmetal

    Unable to stop Dockers unRAID 6.5.0

    was it your image? I am having the same issue
  3. I too am getting the Array index [2] out of range, array size is [1] when trying to benchmark
  4. elmetal

    SSD Trim Not Working?

  5. elmetal

    SSD Trim Not Working?

    It's a thread with 4 pages. Which instructions are you talking about>
  6. Hey guys. Been running unRAID for about 7 years now, and I just got ahold of a "new" to me server that is running a Phenom 2 x6. I am wondering if the newest build of unraid supports CnQ and C1e and all the power saving functions so I am not wasting needless money Also, how do I check that?
  7. elmetal

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    dead links in main post. anybody have final version vmdk for 5.0?
  8. I have the exact same issue. Is there a way to tell unraid to ignore the redball and continue as if it were green? and then rebuild the truly missing drive? I am certain my redball happened from an unsafe shutdown, the drive is 100% ok.
  9. Hey guys running 5.x I have 10 drives in my array. 9 drives and a parity. Here's what happened. I had a drive redball, and within a couple of hours I was ready to replace it since I keep some warm spares in my server. Took the array offline, Drive # 8 was redballed so I planned on replacing it with a precleared drive that I had ready to swap. As soon as I took the array offline, drive #3 disappeared. It didn't go red, it just disappeared. I've experimented with moving it to a different slot in my case (since I have NORCO 5x3 enclosures) and no matter what I do, when I boot up unraid, I cannot see that drive to place it back in slot #3. Now here's the fun part. Drive #8 shows fine in long SMART test. I assume it redballed due to a hard shutdown when my power surged enough to kill the battery on my UPS. And then somewhere along the way drive 3 disappeared. I saw the drive there on the array everything fine. As soon as I unmounted the array, drive 3 was never again seen by the OS. My question is: Is there a way I can tell unraid: Drive 8 is fine, just use it, and then rebuild drive 3 on a clean drive? because as of right now I have a dual drive failure. I thought the TRUST MY ARRAY feature would work (I haven't tried it) but I want unraid to accept my current drive 8 as if it had never failed. is there somewhere I can change a setting to let unraid ever forget that it redballed? I'm willing to accept the risk.
  10. Have you double checked to make sure IOMMU and the other Virtual setting are turned on in the bios? I honestly have not tried to passthrough all the sata ports being filled and the drive on Port 5 not being used by ESXi / Xen. Perhaps that might be an issue, I do not know. There are countless people who have no problems with the ASRock Extreme 3/4 on ESXi / Xen and passingt hrough the onboard sata ports (at least the first 4). Go look in the virtualization section in Hard Forum and post there as well. There are A LOT of Virtual Server Experts on there who have our motherboard and use ESXi (I do not) in all kinds of various ways. Thanks
  11. On my motherboard the onboard sata port PCI ID is 11.0. Is it the same on yours? Do you have a drives hooked up to it? Is the OS on any of them? If so, is it on sata port 5? Esxi is on a thumb drive. Drives plugged in to all ports. I'm not near the server I can't check the ID unless I can use the vsphere to do it
  12. If you haven't, upgrade your BIOS. It would also help us out if we knew what you are using. ESXI or Xen. Bios was updated 2 weeks ago, and using ESXi
  13. I know how to do passthroughs...... I just can't do the onboard, it just doesn't show up for me. I can passthrough all my M1015s on ESXi but onboard I get nothing. I have to check it out later I can't do it atm
  14. ASRock 970 EXTREME4 AM3+ With the above motherboard, you can passthrough sata ports 1 - 4 and leave port 5 for a OS / datastore drive. Onboard NIC works in both too. This motherboard can also handle 64GB of memory and you don't have to install memory in pairs. There is a thread somewhere here on the EXTREME6... I wouldn't get that one if I was you. Get the EXTREME3 or EXTREME4. Can you pass them through in ESXi or only on Xenserver? if so, how???
  15. ...if you *want* to stick to the CPU, go for an ASUS AM3+ board. Almost al of them support ECC ...and still support AM2+ AM3 socket CPUs as well. Like with the M5A99FX PRO R.2.0: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A99FX_PRO_R20/#specifications ..ECC and support for your CPU...the 990FX chipset will support IOMMU...no idea if this is enabled in BIOS though. Would this board support registered ECC ram or ony unbuffered